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Is Your Home Ready For Fall?

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Is Your Home Ready For Fall?

You’re not running the AC nearly as much, and you went to the garage to find the rake for the leaves on your lawn. That means summer is coming to an end and you can look forward to everything fall and winter have to offer.

As you think about cooler weather and fun holidays, you should also think about your house. It doesn’t look forward to the end of summer since fall and winter can be harsh on your home. That’s why you need to do some maintenance outside and inside to prepare your household for the cold. To begin, you need to focus on your lawn.

Prepare Your Lawn For Fall & Winter Even though your landscaping can be covered by leaves or snow for a good time to come, you need to put some work into making sure it can survive the bad weather. You don’t want spring to arrive and discover your grass and plants are more-or-less dead. Popular Mechanics lists several fall lawn care tips you should work on now that summer is ending:

● Lower your mower’s blade and mow the lawn a few more times before storing the mower away for the season. This allows light to reach more of the plants. ● Rent a soil aerator from your local home improvement store so more oxygen, water, and nutrients can reach your lawn’s roots. ● Rake up the leaves repeatedly so they do not smother the grass. You can also use a lawnmower with a mulching attachment or a blower. ● Add some fall fertilizer so there’s plenty of food for plants when they start growing again in spring.

You’ll also want to seed your lawn in fall. Because the ground is still warm but the sun isn’t as hot, this is a great time for adding some seeds to the grass. Just be sure to keep the lawn watered so the seeds can germinate.

Outdoor Maintenance Is A Must As you spend time outside preparing your lawn for the cooler months, you should also look at the outside of your house. It needs some work as well to prepare for fall and winter.

Start by protecting your deck and patio furniture. Clean them thoroughly. Make sure your deck istreated with a sealant stain, and put outdoor furniture away. You’ll also want to check for drafts around your house. If you find any near windows or exterior doors, seal them with caulk to keep out water and cold.

Cleaning your gutters is an absolute must at the end of summer. With all the leaves and twigs falling from trees, gutters can quickly get blocked or even damaged. To hire a professional to clean both your gutters and downspouts, HomeAdvisor estimates an average cost of $81 - $158 in Chattanooga, TN.

Protecting Your Family From The Cold As the weather outside grows colder, you want to make sure the inside of your house is warm and cozy. That means hiring an HVAC professional to inspect your furnace. If something goes wrong here, your family will be living in a very cold house. By changing the filter, cleaning it up, and inspecting it for any needed repairs, you can avoid a chilling problem.

You should also install a digital thermostat that you can program. If you can have the thermostat automatically change the temperature during the day and night, you can save a lot of money. But doing so also makes sure your home is warm when your family needs it most.

Prepare Your Home For The Cold You can enjoy fall and winter better once you know your house is prepared for the end of summer. Fertilize and seed your lawn so it will look amazing come spring. Do some outside

maintenance on your gutters, and get your furnace inspected and cleaned. After all, your family deserves a home that can get through the cold months.


Alex Johnson

Chattanooga, TN

What a great team. So helpful, professional, and friendly.​ 

I'll be recommending the Edrington Team to everyone I know!​

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