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10 ways to Trick Yourself into Becoming a Morning Person.

Wake Up with Ease

You’ve set yourself up for success and slept like a boss. But the battle isn’t won just yet. Here’s how to skip the snooze button and hop out of bed when that alarm starts buzzing.

1. Set your motivation. As with any change, it’s important to have a reason behind it. Come up with something you will accomplish by starting the day earlier. With some extra time you could achieve a meaningful goal, maybe its fitting in a morning sweat session or having some extra time to cook a healthy breakfast.

2. Find the right alarm. Finding the right alarm and where to put it can have a big impact on how you wake in the morning. Try experimenting with the sound, timing and location of your alarm clock to help yourself get up when you need to. Many alarms will wake you gradually with pleasant sounds to make the transition into daytime less jarring and more relaxed.

3. Bite the bullet. Doctors have explained that when you wake spontaneously, you’re likely in a light sleep stage. Going back to sleep could send you into a deeper sleep stage, making it harder to wake up and start your day. If you wake naturally within minutes of your alarm, it can be tempting to close your eyes but you’re better off just getting out of bed.

4. Brighten up. You may need dark curtains to sleep at night and because of that you can't always rely on the sun to wake you up. Fortunately there are gradual light-up alarm clocks that promise to lull you out of sleep less painfully than your standard alarm.

5. Get your mind right. Before you even get out of your pajamas think about something positive. Whether that's something you are thankful for, or something you are looking forward to it's good to start your day with a grateful mindset.

Power Through the Morning

You’ve made it! You’re out of bed. Now, here’s how to get out the door without starting the day in grouch mode. “Early in the a.m. your willpower is at its highest.”

1. Pare down to-dos. Look for ways to prepare for your day the night before. That way when you wake up you’ve already pre-packed your lunch and gym bag, giving you one less thing to worry about before coffee. Spend less time rushing through those early hours, and start enjoying them instead.

2. Seize the day. Waking up with a groan and thinking about all the things you don’t want to do is a terrible way to motivate yourself for a successful day. Instead, think ahead to the best things you’ll do all day!

3. Amp up your productivity. Many creatives swear that early morning is the best time to write or think creatively about projects. Try dedicating even just a few minutes first thing in the a.m. to a project of your choice. You may be surprised at how rewarding it feels to start the day with a few tasks already checked off.

4. Eat a healthy breakfast. To be your best self, it’s helpful to eat a good breakfast (trust us, morning meetings are better when you’re not hangry). Whole grain carbs plus protein give you a quick hit of energy and keep you going all morning.

5. Exercise in the morning. Early in the a.m., your willpower is at it's highest. By the evening, we get too busy and find too many excuses not to exercise. Plus, morning workouts will give you an extra shot of energy to carry you through the day ahead.

Hope these help you trick yourself into becoming a morning person!


Alex Johnson

Chattanooga, TN

What a great team. So helpful, professional, and friendly.​ 

I'll be recommending the Edrington Team to everyone I know!​

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