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Chattanooga's Best Meal Prep Service

Ding Dong Dinner's Ready.

My team members were talking about wanting to get healthy in 2017, but because of their busy schedules they didn't know where to start.

I knew I had a solution, and I have one for you too.

Vibrant Meals is the first, locally sourced gourmet meal prep service in Chattanooga! This is the year you finally keep your New Years resolution. It's the easiest, most delicious way to reach your goals. Keep reading because Vibrant Meals is offering our readers a special 10% off discount code!

The hardest part about eating healthy is finding the time to get started. I was on Instagram when I ran across @myvibrantmeals. I was blown away by the beautiful and delicious looking food when I realized it was based out of our very own CHATTANOOGA!! I had to know more...

Romana De Angelis is the genius behind it all, as a passionate chef and All American athlete from Southern California she says, “There's no special pill... What I strive for is to change the way people view healthy food and their bodies. Nutrition to me is about bettering the inside first."


The best part about Vibrant Meals is it's not just for athletes, it's for everyone! Romana has a variety of meal options, from vegetarian, gluten free, performance, to weight loss. She definitely has something for you! Romana is even rolling out some healthy winter options like turkey chili, beef stew, cauliflower chowder, and butternut squash with sausage! YUM!

Here's what some of The Edrington Team has to say..

“I have been eating Vibrant Meals for 6 weeks now, and first I have to say their customer service is AMAZING, on top of that I haven’t had a meal I didn’t love” Leah Holt -Contract coordinator

"As a very busy person, I wanted to not only eat healthy but also portion my food intake.I would recommend this company to anyone."Kevin Jennings-Sales Partner

“Vibrant Meals is such a good price, the convenience and quality had me sold.” Whitney McCall- Sellers concierge

“I love My Vibrant Meals because it gets me to try things I wouldn’t normally buy at the grocery store.” Chelsea Hailey - Admin Assistant

"With VM I am able to have a quick, good and healthy meal at anytime." Marcus Holt - Sales Partner

I had to know more about the women behind the business. I called her up and was so glad to hear that not only does she love helping people seek balance of a healthy mind, body and soul but she loves Chattanooga, Tennessee!


Us: So tell me, how did you get started?

Romana: I was a private chef in California for a few UFC fighters, they looked at me one day and said “Why don’t you open your own meal prepping service?”

Us: What was it about meal prepping that inspired you?

Romana: As a college athlete I knew I needed to do something to set me apart from the rest, and so I focused on my nutrition and saw it was such a benefit to my performance. After that, I became very passionate about food and helping others achieve their goals.

Us: So you are from California, why start your business here in Chattanooga?

Romana: Well I knew California was saturated, and my boyfriend was living in Chattanooga and he said “We don't have that here, bring it to Chattanooga” So I did.

Us: How is Chattanooga treating you so far?

Romana: This is an awesome community, the people here are amazing, they are a lot more hospitable than Californians! It was so nice starting this company here because so many people were so helpful. I keep saying to everyone Chattanooga is the best start up town. Come here!


We are so happy to support Romana in her local, and brilliant business.

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Alex Johnson

Chattanooga, TN

What a great team. So helpful, professional, and friendly.​ 

I'll be recommending the Edrington Team to everyone I know!​

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