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Eat, Sip, Walk Chattanooga

Chattanooga is the perfect city to work, play, and eat in. It’s a joy to sell people houses here because we know our client’s adventure doesn’t begin when we close their front door, but when they open it back up and go explore. This however, creates a common problem for those that live here. When a house guest comes to visit we are torn between what we take them to see.

You may have had to choose between a waterfall or the walking bridge; Rock City or the river walk. We understand the dilemma. Our community loves to live locally, and because of that almost everything you see around town is unique to Chattanooga.

Problem solved.

Eat, Sip, Walk combines the love for our city, food, and art into one. Jane Biscarini started this local business back in December with the goal to make food tours the norm.

From San Diego, to Santa Barbara, to Florida, and then landing in Italy for 12 years, Jane has traveled the world experiencing and learning from the best of the best cuisine around.

“Good chefs want to live in great cities. I’m enjoying the up and coming food scene in Chattanooga and I want others to experience it too!” – Jane Biscarini

Eat, Sip, Walk is the perfect way to experience the authentic Chattanooga that we know and love. On the tour you will try at least three spirited drinks, tour either a Winery or Tavern, and sample enough tasty bites to make a full size meal. You will experience Chattanooga’s best locally owned restaurants, and food shops. Along the way, your food expert will entertain and educate you with stories of Chattanooga, the varied neighborhoods, and the city’s rising food culture.

“I highly recommend this worthwhile experience! Jan is an incredible tour guide, planner, organizer and extremely thoughtful.” – Client review
This is a wonderful event for girls night, work parties, house guests, or just date night.
Restaurants are bringing out all the stops for Eat, Sip, Walk so now, you won’t miss a bit, or bite, of what Chattanooga has to offer. We can’t wait to plan a tour for our team!
We are so excited to have partnered with Eat, Sip, Walk to give TWO of our social media followers a chance to win a FREE tour! We will be choosing two winners at random on Friday Nov 20th 2016, just share this post!
To reserve a tour go to or call 423-708-5328

Alex Johnson

Chattanooga, TN

What a great team. So helpful, professional, and friendly.​ 

I'll be recommending the Edrington Team to everyone I know!​

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