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The Miracle League of Chattanooga

There is something about playing the game of baseball that just lights up a person’s eyes. But for children and adults facing serious physical or mental disabilities that opportunity isn’t always available. Baseball diamonds weren’t exactly designed with wheelchairs and crutches in mind. The Edrington Team, and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Realty Center, are working toward making this Miracle a reality. With your help, we will bring joy to all these children’s faces! The Edrington Team is working toward a $50,000 donation, and though it is lofty, we know when you work as a team, anything is possible.

Donating is simple, fast, and secure! We appreciate any and all help making this Miracle a reality, please visit -->>

“We cannot change or cure the medical issues life has dealt children with disabilities.What we can do is provide… them with an opportunity to experience the joy and benefits that come from playing our National pastime–baseball.”

The mission of The Miracle League of Chattanooga is to provide the opportunity for children to play baseball, regardless of their abilities. For athletes using wheelchairs, walkers, crutches or prosthetics, the special field surface makes it easier to get from base to base without risk of injury. The Miracle League athletes can bat from a tee and if needed, have a buddy to help round the bases. We love that everyone bats and everyone hits a home run! The Miracle League is about making new friends, building self-esteem and being treated just like other athletes.

“Our players may not be able to run the bases or hit the ball as well as some of their peers, but they have an equal amount of love…and determination to play baseball. We want to help them achieve that dream.” – Miracle League

There are currently 240+ Miracle League organizations in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada with more than 200,000 children and adults with unique abilities.Warner Park, in downtown Chattanooga, donated a plot of land right next to the baseball and soft ball fields, making The Miracle League of Chattanooga the first Miracle League in Tennessee. That means these children will get the total baseball experience that they deserve. Children will be coming from all around for the chance to get out on the field to play ball and the energy, as well as the smiles, are infectious as these children round the bases and high five their teammates! When you go to a Miracle League game it is unlike any other baseball game you’ve ever been to. Children who play for The Miracle League have been told “no” too many times in their lives. The Miracle League is telling them YES! Once you’ve witnessed joy like this you will never forget it. The Miracle League provides a Miracle for these kids; after all every child deserves the chance to play baseball.

We are excited to announce that October 25th, The Edrington Team will be hosting our First Annual Charity Golf Tournament! All proceeds will benefit this year’s charity, The Miracle League of Chattanooga. More information is to follow. RSVP your team of four by


$400 for a team of four

$120 for individual players

We appreciate any and all help making this MIRACLE a reality! THANK YOU!


Alex Johnson

Chattanooga, TN

What a great team. So helpful, professional, and friendly.​ 

I'll be recommending the Edrington Team to everyone I know!​

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